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Managing Waste Disposal in the Safest Way

GIS Software System for Waste Disposal

Simple, Complete and Safe

Waste Disposal is a digital solution that enables customers to comply with all regulations in force concerning collection and disposal of waste produced in industrial plants, whether it be hazardous or non-hazardous waste; it also supports operators in managing chemical labs reports and in defining Environmental Protection Reports.

Waste Disposal Software Features:

  • Reports, forms and templates are completed within just a few steps;
  • It contains specific forms for quotations, contracts, invoices and much more;
  • Alerts and notifications for expired authorizations, exceeding of storage  limits and all critical inconsistencies;
  • Click and your Environmental Protection Reports will be ready!

Why Should You Choose It:

  • It makes easier the transition from paper to electronic document
  • It offers comprehensive service applications
  • It points out anomalies, reducing human made errors
  • Easy to upgrade

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