For the past twenty years GIS has been helping companies to feel and to be safe

Software at the service of security

Safety-oriented Software Solutions specifically designed for Safety Management of Industrial Plants

GIS Software Development Unit has developed many safety-oriented management applications/solutions for industrial plants throughout the years. These solutions have proved to reduce human error and to be a precious HSE management tool, overcoming traditional challenges related to paper documents (including interpretation).

GIS Software Development Unit has been operating for over twenty years, promoting GIS ambitious objectives and mission. Drawing from the experience gained in traditional HSE procedures, GIS has developed innovative solutions that represent a bridge between the tested manual procedures and the inevitable, yet necessary, digital progress for safety management in industrial plants.

Today GIS software offer is constantly changing and reflects the major developments of the industrial sector.

GIS main Enterprise Software Systems include:


Management Application Software designed for the Management of Permit to Work (PTW) Procedures (including request & issuance) in Major Accident Hazards Plants.

HSE Engine

Management Application Software designed to ensure plant compliance with a set of safety and efficiency rules/standards that need to be regularly managed and verified such as HSE procedures, Safety Areas, Inspections and Productions Checklists.

Identity Management System (IMS)

IMS represents a tailored-made Access Control digital solution that enables the management of all phases related to staff access to restricted areas and presence detection, if needed. As a result of authorization controls, the system issues a White List containing all the authorized badges to access the area.

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal is a digital solution that enables customers to comply with all regulations in force concerning collection and disposal of waste produced in industrial plants, whether it be hazardous or non-hazardous waste; it also supports operators in managing chemical labs reports and in defining Environmental Protection Reports.

All GIS HSE Software Solutions are designed to include IoT-Industry 4.0 latest technological developments

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