Security and intervention in hard-to-reach spaces, rescue at heights and confined spaces

We deliver Working at Height (WAH) and Confined Space (CS) services with qualified technicians

GIS is a leading edge company of safety innovation, with a specific regard to workers’ safety at workplace and within industrial plants.

Over the years, GIS has developed distinctive competencies in rescue interventions at height and in confined spaces with limited or restricted means for entry (with particular reference to EU/Italian Law, e.g. D.P.R 177/2011)

By means of highy skilled rescuers, being trained in rope rescue operations and first-aid assistance, we help our clients to comply with safety law and regulations.

However, safety is not just a formal requirement to us. In fact, we have invested much time and resources to build our own Rescue Training Center in order to better prepare our rescue teams on the basis of best available techniques and clients’ needs.

Our rapid intervention team is composed of expert rescuers

The Rescue Training Center

Our rapid intervention team (Working at Height_WAH and Confined Space_CS)  is composed of expert rescuers who have been trained in our Rescue Training Center in the ASI (Industrial Development Area) of Augusta (Syracuse – Italy). Our rescuers are qualified to operate in rope rescue operations in restricted areas.
With the help of latest technology and innovative training techniques that rely on years of field experience, GIS teams are trained to rank among the best rescuers in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

Simulations of critical scenarios, rope practice exercise and first-aid instructions represent daily reality for those who are trained at GIS Rescue Center.

In terms of training, we firmly believe that nothing is more productive than a simulated experience, arranged in a controlled environment made as faithful as possible to reality.

Proper training is the first and most important step to secure interventions that can save lives.

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