Management with construction and process engineers

Our team of qualified Managers/Specialists in industrial processes and in Construction Project Management includes:


Commissioning Manager

By working together with the Project Manager and the Project Team, the Commissioning Manager (CM) is usually responsible for the management, execution and follow up of the EPC Contract. CM’s main tasks include: compliance with the terms and conditions of the EPC Contract; risk assessment and specifications audit; proactive approach and support to the Project Team in order to prevent challenges and complaints.

Pre Commissioning Manager

The PCM collaborates with the Commissioning Manager in planning, preparing and supplying the proper project documentation and in ensuring compliance with project requirements.

Contract Administration Manager

The CAM is in charge of the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners and employees. The CAM follows the development of construction activities, by giving special attention to and overcoming delays and critical issues.

Relying upon decades of experience in the petrochemical and energy industry, GIS provides distinctive professionals and technicians specialized in the delivery of Construction & Process Management services.

Piping Supervisor

The Piping Supervisor oversees the work of piping assembly and disassembly by managing Piping Design, Stress Analysis, Pipe Rack, layout and isometric applications. The PS selects materials and engineering suppliers. PS provides project and report evaluation, analysis of materials documentation and monitoring of work equipment in compliance with project specifications and requirements in terms of quality, cost and time.

Mechanical Supervisor

The Mechanical Supervisor oversees the work of mechanic assembly and disassembly in accordance with Quality and Safety procedures. MES ensures compliance of work equipment.

Machinery Supervisor

The Machinery Supervisor supervises the installation of machines and turbines, draws up the pre-test and acceptance test certificates, oversees the assembly of circuits and ensures their connection with the service lines. The Machinery Supervisor ensures the compliance of the auxiliary lubrication system of the machinery with supplier’s instructions. The Machinery Supervisor develops procedures for all the rotating equipment.

Instrumentation and Control Supervisor

By working in collaboration with project leaders and site technicians, the ICS supervises the installation and management of field instrumentation, multiple control and automation devices. The ICS oversees the installation of the equipment by making a report on activities and threats. The ICS verifies compliance of work equipment.

Electrical Supervisor

The Electrical Supervisor directs the installation, repair and control of electrical equipment. The Electrical Supervisor verifies the compliance of specific electrical systems and ensures the implementation of corporate standards. The Electrical Supervisor also verifies compliance of work equipment.

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