For the past twenty years GIS has been helping companies to feel and to be safe

Our Services

Discover what we mean by Safety

GIS International offers a comprehensive set of safety services that range from the development of proprietary software systems to training of personnel in environment and risk assessment issues.

Working at Height and Confined Space Rescue

We offer Working at Height (WAH) and Confined Space (CS) Rescue services with qualified technicians being trained in our ASI (Industrial Development Area) center in Augusta (Syracuse – Italy).

HSE Software Solutions

Our Software Development Team has developed many safety-oriented software systems and applications throughout the years. These solutions have proved to increase safety management in industrial plants.

Provision of Construction and Process Management Specialists

With GIS, you can rely upon a team of qualified Managers/Specialists in industrial processes and in Construction Project Management.

Safety at Work

For over twenty years, Safety has been the core business of the company. We use efficient operational tools for safety management at workplace. We care about worker’s health.

Safety Training

We offer a SQSC support service with qualified and trained technicians in our ASI Augusta Field Exercise Center

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