Access Control and Presence Detection

Control access with IMS (Identity Management System)

IMS Software manages staff access to restricted areas

Thanks to the experience gained in Access Control, GIS has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources in order to produce a single integrated system able to manage all phases related to staff access to restricted areas and to presence detection.  From a technical standpoint, IMS is a web-based software system that allows the digitalization of access control procedures and presence detection in Major Accident Hazards industrial sites.


IMS – what is it:

IMS “Access Control” – Management Application Software (Enterprise Software): as SafeWork companion, IMS (Identity Management System) enables the management of all phases related to staff access to restricted areas and to presence detection, particularly in industrial plants subject to the Regulations on Control of Major Accident Hazards.

IMS at a Glance

  • Provides detailed information about all the authorized workers (employees and contractors) and vehicles in the site;
  • Manages access authorization in one or more restricted areas, even nested areas, for workers (employees and contractors) and vehicles, interfacing with other systems and HW as needed;
  • Allows external contractor company users to logon and load onto the system their workers and vehicles, loading docs and attachments, filling attributes customized for the specific plant / area of work;
  • Enhances dynamic and parametric workflows to authorize workers and vehicles to access by different levels and steps of validation;
  • Includes a control functionality that operates automatic “conditions” checks, such as “if a date-attribute is not older then 90 days” or others;
  • Performs up-to-date controls of authorized personnel, both for the in-house company and for contractors; it uses vistas or white and black lists to interface with other systems;
  • Sends automatic emails/notifications to print access badge or to inform about the expiration of a document;
  • Requires loading of mandatory documents in electronic format to proceed;
  • Allows design of badge graphic, badge printing and decoding (magnetic bands, smart cards or RFID cards, etc.).
IMS Benefits… Why Should You Choose It?

  • Clear and immediate reporting (and update) about authorized employees and contractors;
  • IMS provides statistical analysis of authorized population at a given date/time and issuance of the related timesheets;
  • Significant reduction of the time required to issue an authorized badge (-40%);
  • Savings in processing documentation and workflow procedures (-80%);
  • Global reduction of accidents and increase of Safety standards;
  • Interface with SafeWork and other Enterprise applications as needed;
  • Immediate cross-check on workers’ requirements and functional information (such as access validity, PTW rights, training, contractor company suitability, etc.);
  • Optional: Emergency and Gathering Areas Management, with hands-free gates for evacuation;
  • Simulated Emergencies service.
IMS Services and Architecture

  • Help Desk on-site to perform training-on-the-job for end-users;
  • Training of personnel and change management;
  • Project management and assistance in preparation of Access procedure;
  • Periodic assessment of Access drafting process;
  • Statistics and analysis of Access Big Data;
  • User-friendly solution;
  • SAAS (Software As A Service) availability, with Web-based interface;
  • Oracle-based Enterprise environment, for secure DB and data protection;
  • Access Control documentation Service, operated by Personnel on-site;
  • Badge print and coding (RFId or magnetic);
  • Access Control and Presence Detection (Tracking) in connection with third-party HW or directly with owned HW;
  • Interface with existing enterprise systems as needed;
  • The system can include the provision of a dedicated reading hardware (terminals based on variable technology such as magnetic, RFID, biometrics, etc.);
  • As a result of authorization controls, if IMS is interfaced with existing access control devices, the software issues a White List containing all the authorized badges to access.

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