On 6 May, a conference was held at Confindustria Syracuse, organised by the Digital Transition Committee, on the ‘Industry 4.0 Revolution’. The technical group, coordinated by Eng. Luigi Grasso and with the valuable contribution of the Vice President of Confindustria Siracusa, Eng. Giancarlo Bellina, has in the past year put the spotlight on various topics concerning the digitisation of organisational processes, one of the decisive variables for business competitiveness.

During the seminar, Pierluca Nudo and Ernesto Nudo of GIS INTERNATIONAL illustrated the main features of the Genoma Digital Model software platform, an IT paradigm that develops innovative digital functions. The contribution of Eng. Alessandro Gambino of SB SETEC SpA, who presented to the large audience a case study of application in the industrial sector, was also valuable, as was that of Alessandra Ollandini of Golden Group for the part dedicated to the financing of Industry 4.0 investments.
Thanks again to Confindustria Siracusa for this important moment of discussion.

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